Friday, May 25, 2012

Mud Run Training

I decided last minute that Date Night would be a training trail run. As always I invite the Usual Suspects and no on could make it.
Lester said he was down to run with me and I decided that since the next "trail run" (It's not really a 'trail run' because it's more a gravel road run and no technical difficulties involved) is the Merrell Mud Run in October we could get a head start on this training.  Last year it was the first time I did that run.  It was a compromise between the Tough Mudder that Dan wanted to do and the Warrior Dash that Tabitha wanted to do.  This was close to home and didn't involved being screamed at by Marines and electrocuted by live wires.  It took me an hour and 18 minutes to finish this run and I don't regret a single minute it took. I got to help out fellow runners which wasn't something I was seeing enough of from their "team mates".  This year I want to complete it in less than hour and I will be happy.  Who am I kidding? I will be happy to be able to be out there, smiling, running with my friends and helping anyone out that needs a hand up and a kind word.

We started out at the Jr. High School and I was testing out my new hydration pack.  I've gone through a bunch of them trying to find the right one and no matter what I get there is always some sort of flaw in it that makes me kick myself in the ass for buying it.  Stop buying the cheap ones and suck it up and get one that I see all the ultra runners wearing is what I finally did.
I got the Nathan Hydration Vest and I have ZERO complaints.  If at some point I get off my lazy ass and start working out my arms I won't have to worry about the rubbing of my arm on one of the pouches on the front.  Other than that, HEAVEN.

The view on this run is beautiful. It was windy outside and the waves lapping on the beach reminded me of Maui and made me want to close my eyes and pretend I was running on the beach.  The ground was sandy and it was tough getting any kind of traction though.   Coming up and around this corner I actually stopped and took a picture so I could remember this moment.
When I got around it the trail had a few curves and it felt good to actually have to think while I was running.  Looking up the hill I saw Lester up there already waiting.  Ass can run up the hills without getting winded.
I didn't stop and just power walked it.

We made it to "heartbreak hill" and it wasn't as big as I remember it being. It still hurt like hell and I stopped half way up and decided that if I am ever going to get anywhere in this damn sport, I better just put away my smokes and try to do this right.

Getting to the top I didn't feel as bad as I did at the run last year so that was encouraging, but I am going to have to do this a few more times to get over the head pounding I get when I try to take on the hill.
I saw some women running up with all the ease in the world. Non smokers with hours of training. Yep, I need to get there.

We headed back and it was mostly downhill.  The uphills were rolling and I took those without a problem.   Lester said that wasn't a Vibram trail, that was a Brooks trail and looking back, I have to agree. The next time I run it I am going to try doing it in my Brooks.  I know I won't wear them during the race though.

I packed my shoes just in case we decide to try it out again. :)

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