Sunday, July 22, 2012

not barefoot


This was the text that started after I posted on Facebook:

 "Sure I'll work Friday until midnight!"
 "Sure we can go on a hike leaving at 7am on Saturday!"
I wish my insomnia had let me know it had plans when I was making mine, "Sure I will play 'call me maybe' over and over and over in your head rendering you stupid and unable to sleep but one precious hour!"  

At 6am Mara started texting. I wasn't even asleep, but I didn't want to dislodge myself out of bed.  She would never let me live it down if I didn't though.
She shows up at 7am with beer and ice for the chest. Lester packed up his bike and we hit McDonalds for the sausage mcmuffin ritual. I hate 1 full one and just the sausage from the second.
I was tired when we hit the trailhead, but I have felt worse on a run and it was only going to be 6 full sun. I should be okay.
A mile in I knew this was going to be rough. By the second mile I was debating my ability to make it the whole six.

 Mara came up behind me and just kicked me right in the ass. "MOVE IT!" and she took off in the cutest run ever. My first mile is usually brutal on me, maybe it would only be the 2 miles and I would be alright.

Mile 3 I was telling her, "I think I need to puke."  You would think that would bring a tad bit of sympathy. Her response was to grab her cell phone and ask nicely, "When you do, please do it in the sun because I get bad lighting for pictures in the shade."
She ran ahead and I found a nice spot in the shade to reexamine my choice of breakfast.  Did I not even chew it when I ate it an hour ago? it didn't look like it.  Okay, NOW I should feel better?  I caught back up to her right before the Knickerbocker canyon creek.  This is the prettiest part of the run and I told her to not waste it. I was feeling dizzy so I would just jog down it instead of tearing down it like I like to.  She took off and I made it to the creek. Normally it's flowing and beautiful, today it was just a wide stagnant pool of stenchy water.   The climb out was so damn hard. This is a hard climb, but with nothing left I was nearly certain I was going to burn an hour getting out of there. I would take 15 steps and it would feel like I going to die.  I would repeat this about 50 more times before I was done.  I stopped at the first corner out and decided to send a text to Mara and Lester to let them know I was almost out of the canyon, but instead my head felt heavy and apparently I blacked out.
Not certain how long I was out, but I figured my body needed to rest so I didn't freak out about it too much. My right side of my head hurt so I guess I hit a rock.

I saw Mara at the top of the hill and she was adorable as she egged me on. "Mara I passed out. I am really dizzy."  She showed fake sympathy and I love her for it. "Okay, good...lets go." and we started on the last 2 miles back.


We made it back to the Hummer and I found a hose and just drenched myself in it. She grabbed a beer and found Lester passed out in the back.
Apparently the trail was hard on him too.  It shouldn't make me feel better, but it did knowing he threw up too.

That was hands down thee worst I have ever done on a trail. This includes the time we got lost and did 25 miles, my hip going out, the time I got sunstroke, the time I ran out of water and the several trips I was attacked by mosquitoes.
 It was still a beautiful day surrounded by the man I love with all my heart and my friend that I am so happy is a part of my life.

Later that day my sister came and stayed with me and Lester. It was a good Saturday despite the hurling black out.
My body isn't sore at all...well, except that part of my head. ;)